Houses of the future inspired by trees

The architect Konrad Wójcik has designed an innovative tree-like house set above the ground on a slender trunk.

The purpose of the discreet base is to minimise the footprint of the dwelling and help prevent deforestation. In fact the sustainable home, which was created for an architectural competition held by D3 Natural Systems, has an external form that so resembles the shape of a tree that it also blends in perfectly in a forest environment.

The Pole House is designed to use only what are referred to as ‘Cradle to Cradle’ materials. These are products that can be safely produced and reused without any adverse effects on people or the natural world. The house’s frame is constructed using wood, with cellulose insulation and zinc cladding on the outside. It will produce almost all of the energy it needs through the use of solar panels, a ground source heat pump, natural light and ventilation. Rainwater is collected for use and a bio digester deals with waste.

There is enough space inside the Pole House for two people to live comfortably, with 61 square metres of space spread over four levels. Stairs from the ground allow access to the lower storage and utility area, with a kitchen, bathroom and living room on the level above. The next floor is a dedicated work space from which an upper sleeping level can be accessed. While the Pole House is still a future dream, architects in North Wales could apply some of the ideas found in this unusual dwelling to a current building project.

Posted by Mark
February 6, 2014
New Buildings

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