How architects can help with healthy living

When most people think about architects, they think about smart, intelligent people who are able to design buildings as diverse as a simple semi-detached home to towering skyscrapers.

However, what they do not often think about is the way that everything an architect does can shape the way we live our lives, as well as how healthy, or not, we might be.

The fact is that great designs by architects and town planners can help to make the people who live nearby healthier and happier. This can be done by planning in such a way that there is plenty of green space and fewer congested zones in any given area.

Better health

According to a report that was released by the Royal Institute of British Architects back in 2014, neighbourhoods that have more green spaces and a lower density of homes have fewer cases of childhood obesity and diabetes, as well as populations that exercise more. This was deemed to be no coincidence, as it was found to be the work of the architects and town planners that had influenced people’s habits.

It seems to be the case that it is not only the quality of architecture that will have a bearing on the quality of life experienced by people in our towns and cities, but also the design of the facilities available. If homes are too close together, public buildings are dull and grey, and parks are poorly designed, then few people are going to feel like going for a run or visiting the local leisure centre.

However, when architects work hard to design pleasant structures and plan green, inviting spaces around buildings, the people will act accordingly and take on more exercise. This is why the work of architects across the country is so vital to us all.

Posted by Mark
May 8, 2015

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