Major building expo unveils entry shortlist

The hotly-anticipated World Expo is set to take place in 2017, with the compelling theme of ‘Future Energy’. Architecture firms from around the world have been competing for a place at the show, and 46 shortlisted entries have recently been revealed.

The event will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, and the buildings constructed will remain in place to improve the city, adding housing, commercial and research facilities, and offices.

As part of the theme, exhibitors have incorporated concepts such as energy efficiency and security, CO2 reduction and renewable energy, and even electric transport into their designs.

Many of the entries submitted by architects are incredibly futuristic, resembling scenes more commonly seen on the covers of science fiction novels. AS+GG, which has offices in China and the US, has produced pavilions which look like molten mercury covered in photovoltaic panels.

UNStudio, a firm located in Amsterdam and Shanghai, has put forward a mind-boggling design for a commercial zone, with green-roofed buildings and towers surrounded by tethered, floating wind turbines.

Anyone who is considering embarking on a sustainable building project might be able to take ideas from the Expo entries, and the science fiction appearances of many of the submissions are certainly fun.

A qualified architect in Chester will also be able to supply a suitable design that has the right mix of green credentials and pleasing aesthetics. While the entries in Kazakhstan may be on the large side, the sustainability-enhancing techniques will certainly be of interest to property owners across the UK.

Posted by Mark
September 17, 2013
New Buildings

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