Manser Medal to be rebranded

The prestigious RIBA Manser Medal award is being relaunched as the RIBA House of the Year Award.

RIBA first awarded the medal in 2001. In that year, Studio Bednarski won the award for its Merthyr Terrace project. The award was named after Michael Manser CBE, who was the organisation’s president between 1983 and 1985, and a member of the Royal Academy. Manser is currently the non-executive chairman of the firm he founded, The Manser Practice.

The award is being renamed as part of a deal RIBA has made with Channel 4 to televise the awards. The deal will see the creation of a four part series, which will be produced by the same team who is responsible for the hit programme, Grand Designs. The show will be called Grand Designs: RIBA House of the Year and will look at each of the 20 shortlisted homes in turn.

During the programme, the list of 20 nominees will be whittled down to six.

Stephen Hodder, who is the current president of RIBA, said:

“The series along with the prize’s new name will give even greater public understanding and clarity about the prize and its intentions – to reward and raise the bar for well-designed houses.”

The prize provides inspiration for architects in North Wales and across the rest of the UK. It helps to highlight the work of British architects to the rest of the world. Televising the awards should enable the public to get a better understanding of the work that UK architects do, and how they are transforming the way people live.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
September 14, 2015

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