Massive Cornwall property development outlined

The details of a large-scale development project on the outskirts Cornwall’s Truro have been revealed in a recent planning application.

The extensive scheme is seeking permission to build a new village that will host thousands of properties, care homes, shops, restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities, a public house and two dedicated primary schools.

The application also asks for outline permission to develop open areas, using them for allotments, farmland and a centre for renewable energy. Architects in Knutsford, Truro and other parts of the country involved in developments always consider the amenities available to residents, as this is a key element of any planning proposal. From care homes for the elderly to schools for families with children, all needs of the community must be identified.

Dubbed Langarth Garden Village, the proposed settlement has also requested planning approval for major road works, including the building of junctions and a Northern Access Road that will connect to the A390. Commenting on community transport needs further, the application states:

“The masterplan public transport services provide increased bus services, with bus stops at least every 400 metres along the length of the NAR, together with improvements to the existing A390 and an extra 600 spaces at the park and ride.”

While individual details from the village’s masterplan have previously surfaced, this recent submission includes the entirety of the extensive building project. The application includes over 350 different documents and has now been validated by Cornwall’s council, but no date has yet been fixed for a final decision.

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December 21, 2020

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