New affordable homes revealed for Scotland

Council heads for Perth and Kinross have now announced plans to construct around 1,400 brand-new affordable homes by the year 2027.

A recent update to the current strategic housing investment plan (SHIP) set out the local council’s new priorities with a five-year initiative to provide affordable housing.

The plan includes proposals to construct new houses at a rate of 280 per year. This figure has increased significantly beyond its more modest annual target issued earlier of 150 homes.

The new properties will be delivered via a combination of remodelling existing premises for housing, retuning vacant empty homes to use once more and constructing new dwellings.

According to The Courier, Councillor Bob Brawn of Housing and Communities commented:

“Good quality affordable homes have a hugely positive impact on the overall quality of life for the people who live in them.”

Architects in Chester, Perthshire and other parts of the UK help developers with expert designs. Whether it means altering the original purpose of a building from commercial to residential or ensuring a new build home has all the necessary requirements for modern living, professional architects can be relied upon for expertise and advice.

The new housing proposal revealed by the local authority is designed to tackle several issues. The council seeks to ensure people can live in their own homes for as long a period as possible, with assistance from local support and community networks. It also aims to ensure a sufficient supply of affordable housing is available in terms of location, type and size, and to answer the problem of homelessness.

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November 15, 2021
New Buildings

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