Name confirmed for new Chester cultural centre

The new theatre and library set to open in late 2016 in Chester is to be called Storyhouse.

This new building is part of the regeneration that the ancient walled city is undergoing, which Chester architects are working hard to bring about. In total, £37m has been invested into providing the city’s residents with this new arts centre.

Until, recently, the project was simply known as RE: NEW. The clever name caught the imagination of the public and investors when the project was first proposed, but was never intended to be its permanent title.

When Chester Performs took over the project, the organisation realised that a new brand was needed if the venue was to be a long-term success. Working with True North, it came up with the name Storyhouse.

The centre’s artistic director, Alex Clifton, explained to a reporter from Place North West why the name was chosen. He said:

“We will be running a building like no other. It needs a unique name to reflect its unique offer. This is a place to discover, make and share great stories. It’s a place to bring inspiring ideas to life.”

Members of the public contributed to the naming and branding project. Over the course of two days, they met with members of the brand design team and put forward 200 suggestions.

The new building is a key part of a 15-year long regeneration project, called the One City Plan, which architects in Chester are currently delivering. Plans for the transformation of the Northgate area, which will be the next part of the process, went on public display in March.

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April 1, 2016
New Buildings

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