New Chinese skyscraper is a wheel of fortune

An unusual new building shaped like a ferris wheel has recently been completed beside the Pearl River in Guangzhou, where it will form the landmark headquarters for two Chinese companies.

The circular skyscraper, designed by Joseph di Pasquale, has a central hole and resembles a giant letter O. When the circle is reflected in the river below, the two shapes will combine to create a figure 8, or an infinity symbol, which is regarded as lucky in China. The building is also intended to symbolise the ancient Chinese discs made out of jade and known as ‘bis’. Each bi had a central hole and they are thought to have been associated with power and status.

The skyscraper has 33 storeys and is 138 metres in diameter, while the vast hole in its centre has a diameter of 50 metres. Copper plates cover the front and rear of the building and the curved sides consist of stacked, staggered glass boxes emerging from the internal floors. The central hole is most intriguing, as it contains elevated gardens and is the only structure of its kind in the world.

Inside the circular structure, the heart of the headquarters is a trading room known as the exchange hall, located just below the central hole. A total floor area of 85,000 square metres houses offices, shops, a hotel and a garden terrace.

Although a wheel-shaped skyscraper may be a step too far, it should be possible to create relatively unusual building projects by contacting an architect on the Wirral for design advice.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
January 30, 2014
New Buildings

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