New residential scheme revealed for northern town

A plan to build over 100 new residences in Cheadle, Staffordshire has now been unveiled.

Included in one version of the proposed housing development is a plan for the town’s leisure centre and hospital to be demolished and replaced by an all-new hub dedicated to “wellness and leisure”.

Both the South Moorlands Leisure Centre on Allen Street and Cheadle Community Hospital on Royal Walk could require demolition if the new plans are approved, with homes built on the cleared sites, along with other areas around town. The overall ambition of the new scheme is to increase customer traffic for struggling high street enterprises by creating more town centre residences and a central hub supplying services to the local community, therefore boosting the local economy.

Developers preparing projects can sometimes benefit from architectural input. Architects in Chester, Cheadle and other parts of Northern England can assist with not only designs, but also with facilitating a smooth route through the application process. With knowledge of local requirements and positive working relations with town planners, these experienced professionals can act as agents, ensuring feedback is answered efficiently so approval can be granted swiftly.

Multiple variations on the rejuvenation scheme have so far been suggested, including the plans to relocate the leisure centre and hospital, such as repurposing the car parks on Tape Street and Turn Well Street into residential areas.

A Town Centre Projects Delivery Board has now being established by the local council to oversee the newly proposed project.

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October 19, 2020

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