Norfolk campaigners call for zero-carbon homes

Major housing developments are planned for Norfolk, but countryside campaigners are calling for the homes to be built to a zero-carbon design.

Recent statistics indicate that approximately 40 per cent of emissions in the UK come from homes, so it’s not surprising that architects in Nantwich, Norfolk and other parts of the UK are increasingly being asked to adapt building designs to ensure properties cut their carbon footprint.

Now, the Norfolk-based branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has stated that the local council should follow the example of a Hampshire authority and raise the environmental standards for housing in the area.

The District Council of East Hampshire recently requested the government to authorise a local plan that could empower the authority to insist that every new development conforms to being energy efficient and contains zero-carbon residences that are cost-effective and clean.

CPRE Chairman for Norfolk Chris Dady stated that he would like Norfolk councillors to demand homes that are carbon free from developers. He commented:

“The Greater Norwich Local Plan does not go far enough. We want our councils to be saying to the government enough is enough. It’s vital that developers are forced to move to more eco-friendly ways of building.”

Dady also stressed the importance of location, stating that developments must be built close to local services and employment options. He raised his concern that new estates constructed miles from amenities and jobs increased carbon emission levels due to commutes by car.

Posted by Mark
November 22, 2021

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