Architects in North Wales

For both private individuals and businesses, it can be tricky making the right decision when choosing the right architects for a new building project. It is worth taking enough time to make the right choice, and one point to bear in mind is the advantage of using a local firm. Choosing architects in the North Wales area means that it is easier to organise meetings to discuss a project in person. Communicating using emails and mobile phones is generally useful but sometimes, discussions proceed more smoothly face-to-face. Here at D2 Architects, we like to tailor each design to the individual client and pay careful attention to every requirement. We combine our thorough approach with a commitment to meeting our deadlines.

Understanding the principles of sustainable design

It is wise to look for architects in North Wales who have experience in designing buildings sustainably, as this is becoming increasingly important. Using local materials which are not harmful to the environment is all part of the process. Creating buildings that use minimal energy and water, and which are constructed to withstand the effects of climate change, is also crucial.

Designing buildings for people

The best architects remember that buildings have to be practical and comfortable when in use. They pay close attention to the ways in which a building will be utilised and consider aspects such as privacy and the aesthetic appeal of a structure in relation to its surroundings. The environment in which a building stands may contain heritage properties, houses built using traditional styles and materials, or other strong visual factors. To prevent a new building from standing out in the wrong way, such factors are considered at the design stage. Of course, there are occasions when a new structure can benefit from being unusual and distinctive, but the best architects will know when this is appropriate.

Those who are thinking of extending an existing property, or redeveloping an older building, may wish to hire architects in North Wales who have experience in the tricky task of matching old and new successfully. Here at D2 Architects, we have acquired expertise in these areas over many years and we relish the challenge of blending new designs with existing older buildings in a way that works well and pleases the eye. If you would like to consult us about your next project, get in touch with our team today.