North Wales home featured on Grand Designs

A popular architectural programme returned to our screens in September, with the first episode featuring a modern glass house perched on a cliff that is eroding at an alarming rate.

The episode of Grand Designs, which was aptly named ‘The Clifftop House’, made for interesting viewing.

Rob Hodgson and Kay Ralph wanted to build their dream home on the North Wales coast. The result, a glass-fronted home built in Gwynedd, ticked all of the boxes. Sadly, while afforded sea views, it is on top of a cliff that the sea is eroding. Within 60 years, the land their home sits on is expected to have fallen into the sea.

Kevin McCloud clearly found the idea of building a home that would not be permanent a strange proposition, as did the construction team and architects in North Wales who designed and built the property.

However, the couple were quite comfortable with spending £535,000 on their new home, despite the fact the sea would take it within decades. Their children have left home and the plan is for the house to be their last, so it only needs to last one lifetime.

The building went up despite 100mph winds and a large chunk of land sliding into the sea during construction, making for gripping viewing.

Hiring contractors to rebuild part of the cliff face in clay pushed the couple over budget, but they were determined to continue and finish the house. The home is now just one example of modern, contemporary buildings in North Wales that architects are now designing.

Posted by Mark
September 25, 2014
Architecture in the Media

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