House Extensions in North Wales

At d2 architects, we design and help property owners to build house extensions across North Wales. Our team provides a service that is tailored to the needs of each homeowner or landlord. When you hire us, you know you are going to get the extension you want. It will be built economically, and to a high standard too.

Building house extensions in North Wales is something that many property owners opt to do. People in Wales have a strong sense of community, so when they need extra space for their family, they often prefer to extend rather than move. Adding extra space to a property means that you avoid the upset, stress and cost of moving, making it a great option.

In addition, adding an extension has the potential to add value to your property. Often, over time, you will get back the money you spend building. Therefore, for most owners, an extension turns out to be a sound financial investment as a great way to get the extra space your family needs.

[h2]Local expertise[/h2]

The fact that we have built so many house extensions in North Wales means that we have built up specialist local knowledge. We know which designs work best in the area. For example, which materials stand up well to the local climate and t