Offering our thanks to the NHS

At this uncertain time for all individuals, families and our entire society, the bravery and selflessness being shown by our NHS doctors, nurses, and all support staff is nothing short of heroic.

The personal and collective sacrifice being made by these individuals to protect our very existence is something we should all be humbled by and forever grateful for.

In our hour of need it is these NHS staff who have bravely put themselves in danger to support and care for us all, sacrifices we will never be able to fully repay. Having one of D2 Architect’s family members working as a GP doctor we know too well the selflessness and sacrifices being made.

Given these heroic and inspiring acts of heroism we would like offer a small token of our gratitude and appreciation by proposing that all NHS staff members will be offered reduced rates for our Architectural Services. To our NHS we thank you!

#StayHome #ProtectTheNHS #SaveLives

Posted by Adam Lloyd
March 27, 2020

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