Oxford office with ski slope roofing receives approval

An Oxford office building with a wavy roof resembling a ski slope has been given the green light by council planners. The submission for the new structure was originally rejected by local council members, who felt planning rights should be refused on account of the building’s overly dominant design.

Now granted a green light, the new offices will be situated at 33 to 37 Stockmore Street, near Oxford’s Iffley Road and Cowley Road, and will be replacing what was once a plumber’s merchant store. The original designs submitted have been altered so that the building’s front facades are more closely matched with the terraced properties close by, creating a more cohesive look for the area. Additionally, plans involving a basement level parking area for bike storage has also been scrapped.

Architects in Chester, Oxford and other important UK cities can assist developers seeking planning permission from local councils. Well-versed in the application process, professional architects can sometimes facilitate a smoother passage for plans. Acting as agents for those seeking permission, they can answer planner’s questions quickly and adapt plans to answer issues as they arise.

The ski slope-style roof is still part of the designs for the scheme, with some parts covered in glass and others by turf. The new application was given the go ahead by council staff rather than elected councillors. Commenting on the recent change of heart, head planner Adrian Arnold said that the council now found the previous objections unreasonable.

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March 1, 2021
New Buildings

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