Oxford resident appeals refused extension

A man whose planning application for a building extension was refused has now submitted an appeal in the hope that members of Oxford City Council will alter their decision.

Nazrum Islam applied to his local council for the right to demolish a pre-existing extension located at the rear of his current home on Cornwallis Road in Oxford. Following demolition, he wished to construct a new extension in its place, part of which would include two separate floors.

His recent application was rejected by council planners on the grounds that his extension would be overly bulky, commenting that, if built, it:

“Would form an incongruous and unacceptable relationship with […] the original house and the terrace in which it sits.”

Mr Islam has now petitioned the Planning Inspectorate to appeal against the local council’s rejection. While no one is able to make any additional comments on the submitted plans at this stage in the proceedings, people can request that their comments be withdrawn from the original application. Appeals are typically responded to by the Planning Inspectorate within an eight-week period.

Homeowners seeking to build house extensions in Chester, Oxford and other UK cities can sometimes benefit from advice and support from local architects. Familiar with the requirements demanded by local authorities, professional architects can help people save time spent in multiple applications and appeals. Experienced in what can sometimes be a complicated process, architects can modify plans to improve their chances of being awarded a green light.

Posted by Mark
August 17, 2020

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