Praise for successful redesign of Ditchling Museum

The Museum of Art and Craft in Ditchling, Sussex, has been revamped by Adam Richards Architects to great critical acclaim.

The building houses a collection of 20th-century work created by internationally renowned artists from the Ditchling area, including David Jones and Eric Gill.

The architects that designed the museum secured the job by winning a competition in 2008. The project involved refurbishing several old buildings in a conservation area, as well as constructing new ones.

A disused barn was revitalised to form the new museum’s entrance, while the old school that contained the original museum was also redesigned to form new gallery spaces, offices and a reading room. New structures link the existing buildings together, while also providing gallery and storage space.

On arriving at the museum, visitors will first walk through the barn’s oak entrance, which dates from the 18th century. They will then make their way around the different sections to reach a final space housing a Stanhope Press, one of the first printing presses to be constructed with an iron frame. The device is situated inside a bright room with windows looking out onto the South Downs, the landscape that provided inspiration for the Ditchling artists.

Further north, in Chester, the city’s museums may not have won any architectural awards but some of them, such as the Dewa Roman Experience, are extremely popular with visitors nonetheless. Those who are thinking of refurbishing public or private buildings in the area should contact Chester architects to ensure that their projects are designed for posterity.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
July 17, 2014

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