Est Est Restaurant

Type: Restaurant Conversion
Value: £350K
Status: Completed


Several retail units located on a street corner in Aigburth, Liverpool were to be converted into an open plan restaurant.


The street corner site was part of a lively area of suburban Liverpool, meaning access was limited and other businesses surrounded it. With the interior of the building needing major chances to convert it from individual units to an open plan, this significant work would need to be carried out in a way that minimised disruption to nearby businesses that remained in operation.


We planned the work carefully so that disruption was kept to a minimum, and achieved the desired open plan structure by placing a bar in the centre of the building. The kitchen was also viewable, adding a spacious feel, while the seating layout ensured diners were able to enjoy superb views of the vibrant area.


Popular with celebrities and restaurant critics, the Est Est Restaurant became an important gathering place on Aigburth Road, helped by a stylish interior that made excellent use of space. As with all our projects, we were meticulous in our planning and took care to meet the client’s requirements while remaining courteous to all occupants of the neighbouring buildings.