Garden View

Type: Domestic Extension
Value: £100K
Status: Completed


In the North Wales town of Ruthin, the owners of a modern house were looking for a stylish way to add more open plan space to their premises, and asked us to build a rear extension that catered to both indoor and outdoor living.


As the site was overlooked from all sides, we would need to be respectful of the clients’ neighbours in the work we carried out. Another obstacle was the position of the first-floor windows, which limited our options in terms of roof installation. We needed to overcome these barriers to deliver an extension that met the clients’ demands for natural light and a feeling of open space.


We installed a mono-pitched (single slope) glass roof, which had the dual benefit of linking the spaces within the building into a modern open plan environment, and being oriented in such a way that natural light could make its way into the building. The position of all windows was considered carefully so that they were not exposed to neighbours.


Throughout the project, we kept the wishes of the clients at the forefront of the project and worked closely to ensure that it met their specifications while remaining secure and respectful of its environment.