Huxley Cottage

Type: Domestic Project
Value: £150K
Status: Completed


This semi-detached rural cottage in Huxley, Cheshire needed to be renovated and extended to provide a modern living accommodation for a local developer.


As the property is located in the Green Belt, the degree to which the building could be altered was limited. The property is a semi-detached two-bedroom cottage with the bathroom located on the ground floor, while the rear outbuildings are linked with a shared pitched roof.


We developed and a double-storey side extension and single-storey rear lean-to roof. The extension provided much needed first floor accommodation providing three double bedrooms, a family bathroom and an en-suite.

On the ground floor, the room arrangement provides a new entrance hall, relocated staircase, formal living room, open plan rear kitchen/dining room and family space. The rear lean-to roof provides volume to the space with plenty of natural light penetration to the rooms.


The extension complements the original building form while allowing the cottage to be converted into a modern property, highlighting the best of both its old charm and modern facilities.