The Smithy

Type: Domestic Extension and Remodelling Project
Value: £135K
Status: Completed


A ‘smithy’ – a former blacksmith’s workshop – had been purchased by an owner looking to modernise it, yet retain its traditional touch. We were tasked with remodelling the building, fitting a rear extension and developing open plan kitchen and dining room areas.


It was important for us to find the right balance between respecting the traditional style of the building and creating the modern design required by the client. We needed to achieve this while remaining within the £135K budget.


After careful consideration, we designed the extension with a vaulted ceiling, which allowed for more space within the room. Additions like bi-folding doors and rooflights brought subtle modernity to the building while maintaining its rustic charm.

The kitchen and dining area opened up into the rear garden, which not only aided the open plan design, but also allowed natural light to filter into the building.


The key to our success here was working closely with the client. The project epitomised our ethos of always listening to our clients and updating them on our plans and progress, as well as our care to find the middle ground between traditional appeal and modern style.