Victorian Terraced House

Type: Domestic Extension
Value: £50K
Status: Completed


The owners of a Cheshire-based Victorian terraced house wanted a rear extension added to the building. This was to create more family space in the house by allowing existing internal space to shift towards the back of the building.


The existing outbuildings needed to be removed to create room for the extension, and the design needed to adhere to a staggered inset sidewall design due to a cut away boundary line. Additionally, due to the depth of the extension, finding a way to allow natural light into it would be a challenge.


With careful planning and assessment of the staggered boundary, we were able to build a safe, secure and stylish extension that complemented the beautiful house’s current interior and exterior. We overcome the difficulty of allowing light into the building by giving the extension a flat roof, meaning the installation of a lantern roof light could provide adequate illumination.


The project was completed in timely and cost-conscious fashion, and is another example of our ways to find solutions that respect budget, time and environment, all while keeping disruption to the building’s occupants to a minimum.