Property extension worth £11 million revealed

An episode of the popular television show “Extraordinary Extensions” recently revealed that a property magnate spent £11 million on a bespoke extension located beneath his home in London’s coveted Knightsbridge district.

Kam Babaee, a successful property developer, bought the historic Amberwood House for £22 million back in 2010. The residence was once home to Dame Margot Fonteyn, the world-famous ballerina, and her husband, the Ambassador for Panama, when the property served as an embassy.

Later, Babaee made plans to extend the property, with two subterranean levels boasting numerous features, including a swimming pool, gym, sauna and kitchen. His aim was to create a level of luxury in the property equivalent to what he called a “seven-star hotel”.

Homes in urban settings often struggle to extend due to the limited space available to expand a building’s footprint. Typically, this involves adding additional levels either above or below the existing structure, but local building regulations govern what is permitted.

Homeowners planning house extensions in Chester, London and other major cities will find local architects can provide a wealth of valuable services. Along with helping property owners design the building extension of their dreams, professional architects can use their experience and understanding of local areas and authorities to gain approval for projects.

In fact, they often act as agents on behalf of both homeowners and property developers, dealing with all communications with council planners. Able to answer council requests and adapt designs to meet regulations, architects can make the process of getting a green light for extensions far smoother.

Posted by Mark
November 8, 2021

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