Resubmitted plans get green light to extend care home

St Helen’s Council has awarded approval to a care home extension scheme, which had been previously rejected.

Based in the Merseyside market town of Newton-le-Willows, the Linear Park care home will now be allowed to construct additional space to fit 12 new bedrooms. Part of the new plan will mean that the residential property will now provide a home for 43 individuals. Furthermore, it will also see two existing bedrooms converted into staff offices and the lounge area extended.

Previous plans for the care home, which were submitted earlier in 2020, were required to be withdrawn following comments from the council regarding the scale of the development and concerns regarding local tree loss. The scheme has now been revised, taking these issues into account, and full planning permission has been granted.

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The new application for the care home commented:

“By revisiting the design for an extension to accommodate fewer bedrooms it has been possible to substantially reduce the footprint of the addition.”

The application went on to acknowledge comments regarding tree loss, stating that the developers had made “every effort” to bring the extension back and away from the boundaries.

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November 30, 2020

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