RIBA aims to encourage architects to volunteer in Nepal

Recently, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) announced that it was looking for designers to help provide support and aid to the people of Nepal.

In a press release, the organisation explained that there were several ways for architects to help the people of the Himalayan nation, with giving funds being the most important. As such, RIBA encouraged members to give money to disaster relief teams that were already present in the country.

It stated that donations could be made via the Disaster Emergency Committee, which is helping thirteen relief agencies to raise money. The organisation also highlighted the Article 25 fund, which has been set up to raise money to help the Nepalese to rebuild their schools.

RIBA also emphasised the fact that the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is looking for people with technical expertise. People with regional experience, as well as the required architectural skills, would reportedly be the ideal fit.

Currently, technical experts are needed to help the IFRC with its rescue efforts, and to help the agency to set up emergency shelter, along with sanitation, water and telecom systems. However, the IFRC pointed out that the majority of volunteers were not likely to be used immediately, because the operational constraints of the country mean that it is important not to overload Nepal with teams.

Architects in Chester and many other parts of the UK are likely to volunteer, but many will not leave for the mountain nation straight away, as they will be needed to help with rebuilding Nepal after the initial emergency period.

Posted by Matt Hughes
April 30, 2015

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