Royal Academy celebrates the work of Richard Rogers

Work by the renowned architect Richard Rogers, who recently turned 80, is currently on display at London’s Royal Academy in an exhibition titled ‘Inside Out’.

This title refers to Rogers’ practice of putting elements that are normally internal, such as pipes and lifts, on the outside of buildings. Notable examples of such designs include the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Lloyd’s building in London.

Rogers has stated that the Royal Academy exhibition is not simply a retrospective of his designs but more of a showcase of his way of thinking and his life as a whole. Social responsibility, according to Rogers, is the underlying theme, and he suggests ‘Ethos’ could be an alternative exhibition title.

Although Rogers was born in Italy, he later moved to Britain and worked with Norman Foster. He made his name in the 1970s with his futuristic design for the Pompidou Centre, a building which he created in collaboration with Renzo Piano.

As one might expect, the exhibition displays plenty of information about such iconic designs and there are numerous architectural models, drawings and photographs, but there are also some of Rogers’ personal items, and his ethos is described through printed quotations and projected videos displayed on the walls.

Rogers’ ideas, as outlined in this show, include the concept that buildings are public structures and that architects are responsible to society. Individuals or businesses seeking reputable architects in North Wales might not be able to afford someone of Rogers’ renown, but talented and reliable firms in the area will be able to create their own superb designs.

Posted by Matt Hughes
August 26, 2013

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