Sao Paulo’s rooftop oasis brings nature into the city

A cultural centre in Brazil has been transformed by the addition of a living roof, creating a relaxing green space in an area filled with skyscrapers.

The centre, which occupies a building on a busy Sao Paulo street, provides space for music, art and performances. However, since the addition of its green roof, it has also become a place where people can help to nurture plants, or simply unwind, creating a more natural environment in the heart of the city.

The living roof can be accessed from the building’s interior via a spiral staircase. The green space forms a stark contrast with the industrial style of the building, which was originally designed to resemble Paris’s Pompidou Centre, with mezzanines, multiple entrances and exposed pipework.

The new roof creates a long green expanse running the length of the building, with a garden area at one end. Visitors can relax in the many seats provided along the stretch of grass or, if they are feeling more active, they can spend time in the garden helping to tend the vegetable beds.

Here in the UK, even schoolchildren are becoming aware of green issues. A Wirral school, Heswall Primary, was recently recognised as an ‘Eco School Ambassador’ for its dedication to sustainability. People in the Wirral area who are involved in planning their own urban building projects might like to take inspiration from the Sao Paulo living roof, incorporating rooftop gardens and other natural spaces into their designs. A qualified architect on the Wirral should be able to advise.

Posted by Mark
June 19, 2014

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