Hoofield Barns

Type: Barn Conversion
Value: £1.2m
Status: Completed


The Hoofield Hall Barns, located in Huxley, Cheshire, are a group of Grade II listed buildings that we were asked to develop into luxury housing, working alongside the award-winning Cheshire Barn Homes.


The main challenge here was making sure we were respectful of the area’s beauty and the prestigious nature of the almost 200-year-old barns. We had to work closely with local conservation offers to ensure we were able to modernise the buildings yet maintain their time-honoured architectural features. The area itself is one of the most desirable and affluent in the county, so we needed to develop a project in keeping with its surroundings.


We took care not to alter the actual structure of the barns, meaning that architecturally, they remained the same in form. Although modernisation was necessary for some features like the king trusses inside some of the rooves, we ensured all such alterations were approved by the conservation officers.

Our close work with officials and Cheshire Barn Homes, as well as careful communication within our own team, ensured this large-scale project was completed on time, within budget and in a way that truly respected the site’s past, yet prepared it for a new future.