Sou Fujimoto’s climbable cloud makes a magical pavilion

For this year’s attraction to London’s Hyde Park, Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has produced an extremely unusual building constructed from slender steel bars and glass. The pavilion is a beautiful, ghostly cross between a cloud and a climbing frame, and visitors viewed sitting halfway up the structure almost appear to be floating.

Every year, an architect is chosen to create a temporary pavilion in Hyde Park, and the resulting structure is sited on the lawn area just outside the Serpentine Gallery. One of the rules governing this tradition is that the invited architect must not have completed any previous building projects in the United Kingdom. It is also essential that the pavilion should be erected in a period of time shorter than six months.

The steel bars are painted white and arranged in a complex three-dimensional grid, their intersections creating square spaces that are filled with glass, forming horizontal and vertical surfaces. On the outside of the structure, visitors can use the horizontal glazed surfaces as steps with which to climb the exterior, and as seats or terraces where they can sit and enjoy views of the pavilion from above.

Fujimoto has constructed a similar building in Tokyo, known as ‘House NA’. This resembled a climbing frame which the owner could inhabit, using the many and varied levels inside as seats, shelves, tables and sleeping platforms. Home owners or organisations in the Chester area might want to incorporate aspects of Fujimoto’s work into their own building projects, and this could be achieved by contacting professional architects in Chester.

Posted by Matt Hughes
June 18, 2013
New Buildings

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