The outlook may be cloudy for campers

A delightful cloud house, known as ‘Le Nuage’ and designed by French designers Zébra3/Buy-Sellf, was originally commissioned as an art installation, but a number of the cartoonish, white-painted cabins are now under construction in Bordeaux along the area’s hiking trails.

One cloud shelter can provide sleeping room for up to seven hikers, with each curve of its outline containing a bunk space within. Each cloud cabin is created using a combination of Plexiglas (plastic reinforced with glass fibre), softwood and plywood. No water or electricity is provided for visitors, so a stay inside the cloud house is quite similar to spending the night in a tent. Hikers must bring everything that they need, apart from bedding.

Once visitors step inside, the innovative cloud shelters are full of light, due to numerous thin, slanting windows that perforate the structure. They have been used as mobile hotels in various locations around France, including Paris. The prefabricated houses are intended for use in urban camping grounds and their minimalist design appeals to the wild camping ethos, where little or no impact is made upon the land and everything is carried into and away from the camping place.

Owners of holiday businesses in North Wales who are considering building their own rural retreats could be inspired by ‘Le Nuage’ to come up with something quite unusual. In order to realise their dream, they could look for an architect in North Wales who has experience in designing environmentally friendly structures.

Posted by Matt Hughes
August 5, 2013
New Buildings

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