The three tallest buildings in Liverpool

Home to many masterful works of construction, the skyline of Liverpool offers architecture enthusiasts an impressive vista. From imposing cathedrals to towering skyscrapers, the erected structures of the city feature unique designs, making them easy to identify whether silhouetted by the sun or lit up against a blanket of stars. In the following passages, we’ll look at the three tallest buildings in the city and explore some of their features.

West Tower, Brook Street

At 40 storeys tall, West Tower is officially Liverpool’s tallest building. It was constructed for the renowned Liverpool property developer, Beetham, which currently uses the tower as its headquarters. The building has a spire height of 440 feet, ranking it 38th tallest in the country jointly, and the UK’s tallest outside of Greater Manchester and Greater London.

Well-positioned on Brook Street and with its immense height, the astonishing structure offers premier views across Liverpool, the Mersey, the Wirral and even Blackpool on days with clear visibility. Its upper floors have been developed into multiple luxury penthouses and apartments.

The tower features an entirely glazed curtain wall with randomised opaque and clear panels for viewing, and upper floors are structured with tiers to afford residents external terraces protected by glazed screens for privacy. On its 34th level, West Tower presents the highest restaurant in the city, Panoramic. With a perimeter of clear glass, diners can enjoy unspoiled views of Liverpool.

St John’s Beacon, Houghton Street

Also known as Radio City, St. John’s Beacon is an observation and radio tower that was constructed in 1969 and officially unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II. At 410 feet tall, it takes second place in the height category to the West Tower when excluding its 10-metre high antennae, but it is no less impressive. Known as the home of the Liverpool station Radio City, the tower has a restaurant of its own. With five-star service, both the floor and façade of the venue revolve as a single unit, while the roof offers an observation platform to visitors.

Liverpool Cathedral, St James Mount

Holder of two acclaimed titles, Liverpool Cathedral is not only the eighth ranking church in terms of size in the world, but it’s also the largest religious building and cathedral in the whole of Britain. Standing at a height of 331 feet, the structure is among the tallest churches without a spire and the third tallest building in Liverpool.

Awarded Grade I listed status by National Heritage, the Anglican cathedral is linked to Liverpool’s second cathedral, the Roman Catholic Metropolitan, by Hope Street, and is only a half-mile away.

From property developers seeking to impress to towers housing a musical hub for the city, Liverpool’s tallest buildings have been designed to let visitors explore the city’s splendour from above. However, these mighty structures are equally astounding when witnessed from below by those peering up at their peaks against the sky. If your travels take you to the Merseyside city, be sure to enjoy all these outstanding architectural achievements have to offer.

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November 4, 2020

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