UK construction sector continues to grow

An increase in house building across the UK has resulted in a rise in construction jobs for the 28th consecutive month.

There has been growth across the whole sector, with firms hiring at the fastest rate for three months. Architects in Chester and many other areas of the UK have been working mainly on residential developments. During September, the house-building sector saw the best growth for a year, which contributed to the overall construction sector’s quickest growth in last seven months, according to a survey.

Tim Moore, who is the senior economist for Markit, the company that compiles information for this survey explained in more detail. He said:

“Residential building saw the most decisive momentum shift in September, hitting a one-year high in the process, while commercial development also picked up speed as rising business investment and improving UK economic conditions acted to bolster demand,”

There was also an increase in demand for civil engineers because more public works projects have been started this year.

However, there are warnings that it is becoming difficult to find people to fill construction vacancies. Demand for subcontractors is continuing to grow, and wage bills are growing across the sector. During 2015, wages have grown by up to 14%, and the number of vacancies is up by 28% year on year.

Many who are working in the construction sector are aged between 50 and 60, which means that potentially, there will be even more vacancies over the next 10 years. In response to reports of a skills gap, fast track construction courses are being set up across the UK with many graduates walking straight into jobs.

Posted by Matt Hughes
October 19, 2015

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