UK town experiences record housebuilding levels

Northwest of London, Hertfordshire’s Watford has reached record-breaking levels in the number of brand-new homes being built, according to recent figures revealed.

Data supplied by the local authority and the Ministry of Housing shows that between the months of January and March this year, construction began on a total of 960 homes. This marks the highest number of homes being built for the first annual quarter since 2005, when construction records began.

In addition to the 960 properties, another 50 homes were completed in Watford during the three-month period. Developers planning new builds and house extensions in Chester, Watford and other parts of the country can rely on professional architects for assistance. Local firms can provide property companies with a wealth of insight about the area they are developing, and they can also provide useful connections, from material suppliers based near sites to planning committee members.

Nationwide in the same period, England has seen 49,470 residences completed, which is the highest number of homes built in any quarter in over 20 years, and during these three months, work started on a further 46,010 homes.

Locations across Watford where new homes are already under construction include Riverwell, Sydney Road and Ascot Road, while the St Albans Road site known as “The Range” has been confirmed to be redeveloped.

The record rise in construction for 2021 follows Watford Borough Council failing to meet set housing targets in recent years. For the most part, the new homes now being built around town will be apartments rather than houses.

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July 19, 2021
New Buildings

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