Vietnamese community space wins World Building of the Year award

A civic centre called The Chapel in Ho Chi Minh City has won the prestigious World Building of the Year award for 2014.

The building was designed by a local firm called a21studio and constructed out of recycled materials. A21studio used components that they had left over from a previous project to build the community and youth centre, producing the award-winning site for a low budget.

It is a colourful building that uses dyed fabric to cover some of the large window areas, which is said to create an effect not dissimilar to a stained glass window. The light cast by the colourful fabric over the windows is designed to be muted and calming, helping to contribute to the space’s ambiance.

Inside, the roof is supported by a central column with branches coming off of it, which are designed to replicate the shape of a tree. The floor is also made of reclaimed wood.

There is a kitchen and a coffee bar, which enables the building to be hired out for weddings, exhibitions, and other events where catering is needed. The community in the area have not had a communal centre before, so are reported to have welcomed its construction.

The structure beat off fierce competition from mainstream buildings like the Singapore Sports Hub. Since 2008, the competition has honoured all kinds of architects from many parts of the world, including other small design firms. Competitions like this provide inspiration for architects on the Wirral and other areas of the UK.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
October 16, 2014

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