Vietnamese house wins Building of the Year award

A house in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City has been named as one of the ‘Buildings of the Year’ by the architecture website ArchDaily.

The house, known simply as ‘Binh Thanh House’ after the district in which it is located, was designed by a Vietnamese architect called Vo Trong Nghia.

One feature of the house it that patterned blocks, formed from pre-cast concrete hollow shapes, have been used to construct the external walls. Pattern blocks were once used in Vietnamese houses for ventilation and, in the Binh Thanh House, they also provide privacy and protection from the conditions.

The building faces a busy street on one side and the green spaces of Saigon Zoo and a canal on the other. Its structure is divided into two different kinds of living areas, with three enclosed modern spaces that have pattern block walls alternating vertically with gaps, which are suited to a more traditional, natural lifestyle. The lower floors of the enclosed spaces serve as ceilings for the open areas, which have small gardens.

With spaces that are open to the sun and wind, and private areas that are equipped with the latest technology, the design of Binh Thanh House manages to combine both natural and modern living possibilities.

Wirral is recognised as a place that has beautiful coastal areas and countryside close at hand. Houses constructed near green spaces could be designed to make the most of their natural surroundings as well, with the help of qualified Wirral architects. There are many ways of incorporating nature into a building, including the use of large windows, balconies and roof gardens.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
April 17, 2014

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