Welsh zoo opens new home for big cats

Funded by public donations from across the globe, the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, North Wales has now opened a built-for-purpose snow leopard enclosure, which was designed by D2 Architects.

The brand-new enclosure presently provides a home for two snow leopards, both of which play an integral role in the zoological garden’s current mission of conservation.

With only several thousand snow leopards believed to be remaining in the wild, the Welsh zoo’s plans also include introducing a younger breeding pair.

Nick Jackson, CEO and son of the naturalist Robert Jackson, who founded the zoo, commented on the big cats living in the new enclosure to ITV News:

“They’ve been with us since they were youngsters and they’ve bred well here – they’ve been fantastic. But they are getting to retirement age. And so, what we’re planning now – and we’re able to do this with this new accommodation – is to bring in a new young pair.”

The all-new enclosure has been created with the need for additional space in mind, but also to recreate the natural habitat of these endangered animals. An investment worth around £1 million, the development has been carefully crafted to offer the snow leopards a greater sense of freedom. However, it also enables visitors to the zoo to see the big cats up close from dedicated points around the perimeter. This a project that we at D2 are very proud to have designed.

Professional architects in Chester, Colwyn Bay and other parts of the UK can help design purpose-built accommodation for people and animals alike that is sympathetic to a structure’s surroundings.

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June 8, 2021

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