Weymouth development plans submitted

An application to construct three new detached houses in Weymouth has been put forward to Dorset Council for the consideration of its planning committee. If awarded approval, construction of three family-sized homes will begin on a plot of land known as 351 Chickerell Road.

The proposed site received outline planning permission for three homes in November last year, with a request for alterations to offer increased privacy for neighbouring properties.

Due to the size of the properties, which will each have two storeys and at least four bedrooms, considerable parking space will also be allocated onsite. A total of 12 individual places for parking will be provided, along with electrical charge points for electric vehicles (EVs).

The charging facilities are not the only green-minded features of the development under consideration. The three homes will also use air source heat pumps and underfloor systems for home heating, and they will feature comprehensive insulation for optimum energy savings. Additionally, all building materials for the development are to be sourced from local stockists to lower the project’s carbon footprint related to transport.

The three family houses will have a restricted height of up to 6.8 metres and will use natural building materials that feature muted colours to avoid spoiling the location’s current look.

Professional architects in Knutsford, Weymouth and other parts of the UK can create property designs that suit the existing appearance of the area they’ll be based in. Building planners must always be mindful of making sure developments work in harmony with the natural environment and other structures in close by.

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June 7, 2021

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