What jobs can I get with a degree in architecture?

Most people who graduate with an architecture degree will go on to take the rest of the qualifications and work experience required by RIBA in order to become a professional architect.

The whole process normally takes around seven years, after which qualified architects typically go on to obtain jobs within their field. However, in some cases, they may decide to become architectural technologists.


Architectural technologists work closely with architects, helping to make their designs into a reality. They make sure that buildings function successfully by helping to manage projects, checking that the correct materials are used, monitoring costs, quality, deadlines, and whether regulations are met.

Creative roles

The visual and creative skills acquired during an architecture degree lend themselves to a range of other jobs, including landscape architecture and interior or spatial design. Interior and spatial designers are responsible for designing and planning domestic and commercial interiors, while landscape architects design, plan and manage outside spaces, which may be either manmade or natural.

Technical knowledge

There are many other jobs that graduates with an architecture degree might take up, including a number that make use of the technical and design skills learnt at university. This knowhow places architecture graduates in an excellent position to become town planners, structural engineers, conservation officers, and historic building inspectors.

Surveying is another possible job open to architecture graduates, who could choose to become either residential/commercial surveyors or planning and development surveyors. Residential/commercial surveyors value and examine property, and are involved in the buying, selling, managing, and leasing of such properties and land. Development and planning surveyors provide advice on the effective management of properties, including issues such as planning, transport, and conservation.

Other jobs that architecture graduates might consider include production design roles in film, theatre or television. While some options may require the acquisition of further qualifications or experience, there is certainly plenty of choice for those with an architecture degree.

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August 4, 2014

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