What makes architecture a great career path?

When selecting a career to pursue, you need to consider many factors and variables such as personal enjoyment and earnings. Architecture is a great career path to follow, and these are some of the reasons why:

Respectable profession

Architecture is considered to be a very respectable profession. It takes years of hard work and dedication to pass all of your exams and receive the relevant qualifications and training. Naturally this can, at times, become stressful and make you question your motives. The general perception of architects suggests that they are respected and viewed as people who care about what they do – doing it because it is their passion, rather than something that pays the bills. This could be a reason why many fictional characters are given this title as their vocation – it is seen as a desirable and aspirational job title to acquire.

Encourages creativity

Architects are required to come up with designs and plans that challenge traditional values and can make a change to the perception of buildings both practically and aesthetically. This profession encourages expressions of creativity and artistic freedom. Experimentation is also encouraged in this industry, as unique ideas can be put forward for a range of different contexts – whether that’s from a visual standpoint or the materials chosen to create an innovative design.

Tangible results

All jobs offer tangible results and rewards. Architecture is no different. One incentive that drives some architects is the financial reward for a job well done. Due to the nature and complexity of the tasks at hand, architects are well paid. However, in order to earn these rewards, a lot of commitment and hard work is required.

It is not only the financial aspects that can be a measure of tangible results; there is a great satisfaction of rounding off a project that took so much time and effort to complete, and being able to walk past or even enter a building that you have worked on gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction, and although satisfaction may not be considered to be tangible, the building you’re standing in sure is.

Lifelong career

Once you have become a fully qualified architect, no-one can take that title away from you. You will always be an architect, even if you are not currently in an architectural job. It is also lifelong in the fact that there is no specific age range that best suits someone in this industry. Many architects carry on into their elder years, as this is when they fully understand the requirements of the job and are able to offer their best designs.

Variety of specialities

There is a common perception, especially amongst laymen, that you are simply an architect. However, those who work closer to the field will understand that there are many different types of architecture, meaning that experts in this field have the chance to focus on their strong points and choose their own speciality. There are an incredible number of options, from the type of architect you wish to be to the sector that you can specialise in, which ranges from hospitality to industrial and residential.

Posted by Matt Hughes
July 16, 2014

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