Why architects are important for everyone

We have all looked at a beautiful building and admired its design, while we may have even thought about the person who designed it and how creative they must be. However, broadly speaking, few people actually realise just how important architects are and how much they really matter to society.

This is probably because we don’t put much thought into the people behind our very surroundings, or because we just don’t realise how big an impact they, and their works, actually have on our lives.

The fact is architects are very important to us all. Here’s why:

They have a hand in our health

They might not be doctors, but architects still play an important role in the public’s health. This is because our immediate environment has a big impact on our ability to lead happy, healthy lives. Architects can design spaces that promote wellbeing and exercise, and as such are a very valuable asset in our quest for improving health and fitness.

They provide opportunities

Architects don’t just design buildings, they imagine our surroundings, and in doing so provide us with opportunities to enjoy nature, exercise and spend safe, quality time outdoors.

They add beauty

Good architects create designs that add little touches of beauty and interest to our towns and cities. They break up the grey monotony of daily life with their unique, creative designs, and our towns and cities would be much duller without them.

They facilitate daily life

We all rely on buildings, whether it be the homes we live in, the stores we shop at or the offices we work in. All of these structures require designers; architects who use their lateral and creative thinking skills to make buildings that help us to live more efficiently than we would without them.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
May 12, 2015

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