House Extensions in the Wirral

For many years, D2 Architects has been designing house extensions in the Wirral and the surrounding area. The design service we offer is tailored to ensure that you get the extra space you need as quickly, cheaply, and easily as possible. Over the years, we have helped homeowners and landlords to build hundreds of house extensions in the Wirral, and are waiting to help you to do the same.

Why extend your home?

Extending a home brings many potential benefits. For a start, it’s a great way to provide your family with the extra space they need. If you want a bigger kitchen, and some workspace, adding a single-storey rear or side extension is an excellent solution. For those who want extra leisure space and more bedrooms, adding a double-storey extension can be just the job.

You can add value to your home using house extensions. The Wirral is a place where property prices are rising and, as a result, you can often add more to the value of your home than you spend having your extension built.

We know that the majority of homeowners love their house, and the area they live in. Most people do not welcome having to move to provide their family with the space they need. Building an extension is a good way to avoid having to uproot your family and go through all of the stress and expense of moving.

We have the expertise you need

Our team has the expertise to undertake any size task, having designed numerous house extensions in the Wirral. Our team has the necessary experience to come up with designs that will easily pass through the local planning process.

We work hard to take your personal tastes and needs into account when designing your extension. If you want to build using the latest materials and to incorporate energy generation technology into your project, we have the experience to do that. Whether you want an ultra-modern extension or a more traditional design that will fit in with an older house, we can help.

The D2 Architects team is ready and waiting to draw up a stunning design for your new extension. All you need to do is to get in touch with us. We will discuss all of the options with you to help you to narrow down your ideas. Once we understand what you need, we will come up with an outline design, and then meet with you to refine it. Only when you’re 100% happy will we get underway.