Work could soon begin on innovative floating city

According to its creators, a new floating city that will measure one mile in length is nearing its construction phase.

The Freedom Ship, a Florida-based project, will have 25 floors containing homes, shops, schools, a library and a hospital. Banks, businesses, restaurants and light manufacturing units will also take their places inside the floating metropolis, and entertainment venues and leisure spaces will include casinos, parks and aquariums.

Residents and visitors travelling to and from the city will be aided by the presence of an airport and runway on the roof of the development, as well as a fleet of hydrofoils.

It is thought that the city will continuously sail around the world, with its vast size and flat-bottomed design ensuring stability. It is hoped that numerous offshore stops will enable trading to take place between city residents and locals in coastal areas.

An enormous shopping centre on board will be varied architecturally, representing the characteristic building styles of different countries. Open areas of the city, where residents will be able to exercise and relax, should add up to around 200 acres.

Although this development may seem like something from a science fiction novel, the project managers only need to raise another $1 million before construction can begin.

No matter how imaginative and unusual a building project is, there is often a way to bring it to a practical conclusion. By contacting experienced architects, Wirral residents who are planning an innovative development should find that their ideas can be converted into a workable design.

Posted by Matt Hughes
December 18, 2013
New Buildings

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