Young Architects Programme won by ‘bam!’

In Rome, the MAAXI art museum holds a competition, now in its third year, for young architects to design a temporary structure that will occupy the museum’s entrance plaza. This year, a firm of architects from Turin, known as bam! Studio, recently won the contest with its unusual design of a floating, helium-filled prism. The giant form floats directly above the museum’s plaza during the day and rises higher in the evenings.

Daytime visitors to the art museum can rest and recover from the heat of the sun underneath the prism’s shade, where a large wooden platform has been installed. To provide further cooling, water drops seeping from the edges of the structure form ‘walls’ of mist. At night, when darkness falls, the prism, relieved of its watery load, lifts into the sky where lights transform it into a giant lantern. The illuminated prism and its platform will create an outdoor venue for evening events, and it is even possible to project images on to the sides of the enormous floating construction.

As well as being an unusual and audacious installation, the bam! prism incorporates environmental features, which include recycling its own water supply and allowing its helium gas to be extracted and used at the end of its lifespan.

Businesses involved in hosting outdoor events in the Wirral area could take inspiration from bam! studio’s imaginative design and commission a Wirral architect to create a temporary structure for an important festival, game or race.

Posted by Mark
July 8, 2013

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