3D Visualisation

BIM Modelling Your Vision of the Future

When we say that we want to fulfil your vision of a unique house or a desirable building, we don't just mean building it. We go further. At D2 Architects, we present you with your dream house or enviable office even before the cornerstone is placed. We will show you exactly how your vision will come true. This is possible by using a combination of technology and creativity. It's the beauty of 3D modelling.

Making dreams come true, one sketch at a time

To achieve the necessary visual details and create the realistic elements required to transform your dream into reality, our team of designers, architects and digital artists follow a couple of stages to make everything perfect.
The first phase is the sketch scheme and planning, which includes drawings of existing and proposed floor plans and elevations, as well as external and internal visuals. Floor plans show the connection between rooms, spaces and other building elements, such as walls, windows and doors on each level of a building. You'll see how each room is connected and how you, your family or colleagues will transit between each area. Elevation and visual drawings show what the exterior and interior of a building will look like.
The second step involves the building regulation drawings, comprising detailed plans, sections and written specifications. Construction drawings are the final step, when our team will develop 1:5 construction details and set out plans (including mechanical and electrical). At this point, you'll no longer need to imagine your building. You'll be able to see it with your own eyes and, if necessary, ask for additional changes or improvements. You are limited only by your imagination.