Architects Mold

Our Architects in Mold have worked on several projects in the local area over the years. In the process we have learned a lot about planning and building regulations in this part of North Wales. We make use of this information and experience in all the projects we work on in the area. The surrounding landscapes around Mold attract visitors from all over the country looking to experience some of the most eye catching views in the UK. Working amidst the natural wonders around Mold we understand the importance of sustainable architecture and playing our small part in helping to preserve this landscape for future generations.

Sustainable Architecture in Mold

We aim to use sustainable designs and materials in all our projects because these are increasingly recognised as crucial for the future of architectural practice. Wherever possible we source building materials in the local area to reduce transportation and energy use. We also design houses and commercial buildings to be energy efficient as well including adding in features that conserve water.
Mold has a rich architectural heritage in this part of Wales and we often work on projects where old and new structures work together. This can be a difficult task but here at d2 architects, we are experts at working to bring the best out of original features or often creating new extensions on older buildings.
We also redevelop older properties in Mold tailored to the client’s needs, with attention to detail and a commitment to delivering on time. If you think your building project would benefit from our expertise why not call us now for an informal chat?