Leeds housing project ready for reveal

Early plans drawn up to construct a nursing home and 72 new residences on a site based in Leeds will now be presented to (more…)

Chester Quiz-Worthy Facts

Whether you are creating a quiz yourself or taking part in a quiz with team-mates, you might come across questions related to Chester. On the border of Wales, this Cheshire city dates back to Roman times and offers a wealth of (more…)

Green light awarded to new Macclesfield homes

A project to build new homes in the centre of Macclesfield has been met by approval from (more…)

Teesdale community group plans eco-centre

A community composting group in Teesdale, County Durham, is planning to build an eco-centre with the ambition of (more…)

Plans lodged for Norwich building conversion

A new bid to create 25 flats is now underway on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich.

The prospective site is (more…)

New Macclesfield homes planned above Indian restaurant

Plans have been unveiled involving adding two floors on top of an Indian restaurant in the town centre of Macclesfield to provide 14 new residences.

A planning application submitted by (more…)

A guide to Tarporley architecture

The large village of Tarporley boasts many buildings on the National Heritage list for England. From former market halls and hotels within the village, to picturesque mansions in the rural outskirts, there (more…)

Green light awarded to Gloucestershire development

Despite refusing an application for an eco-home project from Grand Designs, Forest of Dean planners have granted approval to a modest one-storey home with three bedrooms.

Sold by Severn Trent water (more…)

Top architectural buildings of Macclesfield

Around 16 miles south from Manchester on the River Bollin lies the market town of Macclesfield. From its industrial successes that earned it the nickname “Silk Town”, to its campaigns to save historic buildings, this (more…)

New report requests 100,000 homes for heroes

A recent report from the Local Government Association (LGA) advises that 100,000 new homes should be constructed every year to house people who have assisted in fighting COVID-19 and those who have lost family members to (more…)

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